This week we have some exciting successes to share with you:

IMG_5958 Chloe and Ali achieved their 44 club, Hussein achieved his 77 club and Yahya achieved his 99 club!

IMG_5957 Luke received the Merit badge for his amazing change in attitude to reading.

IMG_5956 Devon received Superstar of the Week for his fantastic intonation and expression for the class assembly!

IMG_5955 Kai received Man of the Match for scoring a hat trick during his game at the weekend playing for Barton Rovers.

My own story of brave

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Lucy. She lived in a big castle and there was a bear that always wanted to break into Lucy’s house because the bear had no house so he couldn’t keep warm in the winter and when it is snowing . Lucy’s mum and dad had passed away when she was only 12 years old so she had no one to look after her so she had to look after her self. She always ate rotten flesh she didn’t have crisps and chocolate like we do. She just went into the forest and killed animals and then ate them.


Magpie class have created some amazing pieces of art for Maleficent. They had a trial run and identified an improvement they would like to make. They then created a final version of the cover with some amazing final masterpieces

Luke, Shakierra and Shanika’s masterpieces

image image image image


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