This week we have some exciting successes to share with you:

IMG_5958 Chloe and Ali achieved their 44 club, Hussein achieved his 77 club and Yahya achieved his 99 club!

IMG_5957 Luke received the Merit badge for his amazing change in attitude to reading.

IMG_5956 Devon received Superstar of the Week for his fantastic intonation and expression for the class assembly!

IMG_5955 Kai received Man of the Match for scoring a hat trick during his game at the weekend playing for Barton Rovers.

Jack and the beast

Jack was born in the woods next to him there was a bow and arrow . One year on there was a bear. Jack shot the bear. One amazing day for Jack the King was working in the woods. The King brought him back into the castle. 5 years on when jack was 6 years old they had a big feast and party and became a clan. They celebrated because they were reunited as a clan. One day when Jack was doing his archery class he accidentally shot the Queen. Jack got bad treatment. He had to eat his un foufrt food he absolutely hated it.


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