This week we have some exciting successes to share with you:

IMG_5958 Chloe and Ali achieved their 44 club, Hussein achieved his 77 club and Yahya achieved his 99 club!

IMG_5957 Luke received the Merit badge for his amazing change in attitude to reading.

IMG_5956 Devon received Superstar of the Week for his fantastic intonation and expression for the class assembly!

IMG_5955 Kai received Man of the Match for scoring a hat trick during his game at the weekend playing for Barton Rovers.

a diary entry by chloe

on the 23 of january my aunty came to my house and i went to tylers rest for dinner and after that i went to aldi’s and bouht lots of food.

A joke

Why did the mechanic go to sleep under a car

Because he wanted to wake up oily in the morning

A joke

Why did the  mechanic  go to sleep under a car?

Because  he wanted to wake up oily in the morning.

A diary entry by chloe

On  the 23of January my aunty came to my house  and I went to Tylers rest  for dinner and got a massive ice cream and then we went  to Aldi’s  and got  food and then I went home  and I went to bed.

A Story Opening

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lilly she lived in the scottish highlands with her mum and dad and her 3 younger  brothers her  mum didn’t work but her dad did work as a builder. Lilly’s mum said she would go to work when she went to secondary school. When Lilly turned6 she got a bow and arrow but her mum didn’t want her to be shooting bow and arrows she wanted her to be just like her like a princess. There was a bear who came to fight her dad but her dad survived every body was scared of the bear but Lilly wasn’t scared.

A story opening

In Scotland there was a girl called Lucy and she lived with all her family on the Scottish highlands. Lucy loved shooting bow and arrows but her mum didn’t want her to. She wanted Lucy to become a real princess but Lucy didn’t listen.

Lucy loved being in her enormous garden with her black and white horse. There was a bear that everyone was scared of but Lucy wasn’t scared of the bear. The Bear kidnaps people so Lucy thought she could fight the bear .

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