the boy in the dress

Title:the boy in the dress

what it is about:there is a boy called Ben.he likes to wear dresses

But likes to play football.a girl called Lola dressed him up as a girl and everyone caught him out in his school because his wig fell of by kicking a football.

What I liked about it: I like that Ben talked about his dad about how fat he was.

would I recommend this to my friend : yes I would because it’s a entertaining book you won’t get bored you will love it

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Gangsta granny review

Gangsta Granny is about a boy called Ben who doesn’t like his granny because she is so boring.All she does is eat cabbage cook cabbage or sat down knitting . But one day he finds out she’s a jewel thief.

Goosebumps the headless ghost

Goosebumps scared me about the headless ghost because my first part I got scared  which is we’re the sea captain was a ghost and kep on saying anabelle and the bit were the sea captain opened his mouth to Andrew and then said you can’t leave and then took his head of and hid it.

What we have been doing class?

In class this week we have been doing music and we had to play the music it was too loud half of the class got it but some find it a bit hard to play still we had a lot of fun.

Taking your videos to the next level

So far we’ve used videos and photos, transitions, as well as text and narration. You told us what makes good videos!

windows-movie-maker-2012-08-535x535Today we want to make video projects which include:

  • Photos and videos
  • Transitions
  • Text (title, captions, credits)
  • Narration

As well as adding in some new features:

  • Sound
  • Pan and zoom
  • Visual effects

Stock sound

Stock video

There are some downloaded to Pupil Shared > Videos as well as these…


Many vloggers use screen recording software to be able to show what they’re doing in a game, or talking through something they’re looking at on their computer. We’ve got a couple of ways of doing this:

  • CamStudio Lite (new shortcut on your desktop) – there’s an FAQ page here
  • MediaCore Capture (extension within Google Chrome) – there’s a help page here

Making Videos

What does a good video look like?

What can we use to make our own?windows-movie-maker-2012-08-535x535

We’re going to use Windows Movie Maker to make our own. This is free with all Windows computers, so you can get it free at home if you haven’t already got it – remember to check with an adult first.

There’s a useful guide to Getting started with Windows Movie Maker

Some people have also shared tips on how to get some good effects with Movie Maker in various YouTube videos.


Where can we get stock videos from?

There are lots of websites where you can get stock videos from. Some of them you need to pay for, others you need to have an account with, and a few are free and easy! Here are some of the easiest ones I’ve found:


Antarctica is made up of the Antarctica mainland and the island around it.

If  you dug down 100 metres into the snow ,









antarctica land of the penguins

Did you no that Emperor penguins are the largest kind of penguins and they weigh up to 40 kilograms . they would  come up to a man waist.

what where doing next week

next week in school we are making some food for are parents in are new kitchen group 1 spagettie bolognaise group 2 vegtable curry group 3 Mexican chilli chicken im looking forward for to doing this

Cover It Live

Live Blog Instructions

Test Post

This is a test post.

My holiday

in the easter holidaye  I went to sealsy bill

During the holiday

In the holiday I went to crazy kids and my friend came round and had a sleep over and I went round her house and I went to town and brought some new shoes and some close and I stayed at my sisters house for a couple of nights and on the Saturday I went to Moscow circus and I went to the park and shops but I had lots of fun



My trip …

Today me and crystal williams wanted to try out for the football  Team every one could do it . So  I kicked the ball and we was playing very well but suddenly I kicked the ball and this boy kicked my left foot  by axidant and I felt like I could not move it  I hert so bad my friend crystal took me of the pitch my other friend was having a conversation and did not no I was hert because I don’t show emotion but I got very sad and saw me so they ran to miss  and she cald the office lady .After that they took me to the office and I went to the hospital . We waited for the Ners and I had pain killers I went in a will Cher and I had a exrey it was not broke just baddley het

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SKYPE learning

Today we have really enjoyed learning about (SKYPE) and this is our first experience. we liked talking with students from different country and we have to guess where they live. we had a lots of a big fun and we like answering questions.


This week we have some exciting successes to share with you:

IMG_5958 Chloe and Ali achieved their 44 club, Hussein achieved his 77 club and Yahya achieved his 99 club!

IMG_5957 Luke received the Merit badge for his amazing change in attitude to reading.

IMG_5956 Devon received Superstar of the Week for his fantastic intonation and expression for the class assembly!

IMG_5955 Kai received Man of the Match for scoring a hat trick during his game at the weekend playing for Barton Rovers.

Playing #MysterySkype

Here we are playing #MysterySkype. We had to play a bit of “Guess Who” to work out where in the world the other class was

IMG_3903 IMG_3904

After lots of questioning, we found out that the class are here (Garter Valley, Pennsylvania, United States)

IMG_0151 IMG_0150 IMG_0149 IMG_0148

This is how we looked to the class in America!


Skype in magpie class by Michael and Hanadi

We have really enjoyed learning about mystery Skype in class and we really learned about where other people live  and we have a lots of information

Mystery Skype

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Reading to Bury!

Live Blog Instructions

Old discussion below – don’t use it!

Live Blog Reading to Bury

AliandDevon’s play equipment list

We have lots of new playground equipment like new mini footballs,tennis rackets,skipping ropes ,ball cones,pattern ribbons,frisbee ‘s, and  Lott  more.


Our play eqipment by Alfie, Michael and yahya

Yahya’s video

As you can see thay have Been playing in ther phyzzpod with all ther lights and fun things to do

As you can see thay have
Been playing in ther phyzzpod with all ther lights and fun things to do


Is the UK putting enough money into renewable energy?

Do you think our government considers the environment enough? Read through the information and comment below.

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Try New Things

This week Magpie tried kiwis, mango and dragon fruit. The children had mixed reviews about the dragon fruit but they were amazed at the colour of the fruit and the skin it had!

IMG_5838 IMG_5839 IMG_5841 IMG_5842 IMG_5843 IMG_5844 IMG_5845

What I did at half term

I went to Buckle burry  farm it was fun  l went down the slide.

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over the holidays I went to the cinema with shakierra and we got to sit on the vip seats and I went in town and creams it was a really good day I loved it we wached in the cinema Alcindor and the chickmunks and I went in town shopping and I went to the park and my sisters house and to the shops and my cousin came down love what I  done over the week

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Connect, Communicate & Collaborate


How should we communicate and collaborate with other people?

We want to make a list of great people to communicate and collaborate with. This could be with other classes, schools, teachers, authors and writers, or anyone else! Leave a comment with links to who you think we should get in touch with.

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Should girls and boys be taught separately?

Some people believe that children should be educated separately. They think that boys and girls should be in seperate classes. What do you think?


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Try New Things

We tried lychees and were really shocked by what they looked and tasted like. Do you like them?

image image image image

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What í done on the weekend

In  the weekend I went to a brownie pac holiday and I went on Friday too Sunday and imade loads of craft things and I held an owl a barn owl when someone else was holding it it pood and I had a lovely time.😃

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New Books

Magpie have just received a delivery of new books. Can anyone recommend any?

IMG_5751 IMG_5752 IMG_5753iteracy

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Try New Things

We tried nectarine, avocado, strawberries, honey dew melon and cantaloupe melon. We loved some but really didn’t like the avocado.

IMG_5742 IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG_5747 IMG_5748 IMG_5749 IMG_5750

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Magpie Class had great fun creating smoothies this morning. We used a handful of berries, 3 desert spoons of natural yoghurt, 100ml of milk, a teaspoon of honey and a banana.

They were yummy!!!

IMG_5738 IMG_5739 IMG_5740 IMG_5741 IMG_5745

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Pen Licence

Shanika, Tipyan, Crystal W, Crystal M, Ameerah and Mishaal have worked really hard on their handwriting and have finally been given a pen licence. Well done girls!

Hopefully by the end of the year all of Magpie class will have their pen licence.

IMG_5733 (3)

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Should mobile phones be banned in school?


More and more children and teenagers have mobile phones. They use these to talk to their friends and visit social media sites.

Do you think that they should be banned in schools?

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Crystal’s W pen licence

I can’t  believe I got my pen license!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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Pomegranate, Tomatoes & Blueberries

IMG_5722 IMG_5720 IMG_5719

Thank you to Shanika, Luke and Chloe for bringing in new fruits for us to try.

We really enjoyed trying them and are looking forward to new things next week!

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Should organ donation be compulsory or voluntary?

In the UK once you have reached the age of 18 you have the choice to donate your organs to those who may need a transplant because they are ill. When you are children it is down to your parents to decide whether or not to donate organs. Many people do donate their organs or are on the organ donor register. They do this by choice. Do you think it should be compulsory (they have to do it) or voluntary (their choice)? Comment below and leave your opinion.

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Father and son

Today I took Lewis go-karting. We did 2 rounds of 15 minutes on the track, Lewis came 4th on the first 15 minute race and I came 7th, but on the 2nd 15 minutes race I came second, and Lewis came 7th. Lewis is a brilliant driver and I think he could go far if he keeps it up. We all had a great day . Craig Smith (Lewis’s Dad)

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Trying New Things

Today the children tried lemons, limes and sugar snap peas for the trying new things part of their homework.

Many of them enjoyed the sugar snap peas and limes but they either hated or loved the lemon.

Look at the faces the children pulled when they had the lemon.

lemon pic

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My joke

why did the chicing cross  the road?


becaus he wanted roasted



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Shakierra birthday

on my birthday I went out with my family and I got load of mine. I got 100 panda for my family and my friends come rand my house and I had a party and I got load of presents and I had a sleep off and my house and my family and friends come and we had a mead night theses and it it was really funny and in the morning we went to  sea with my family and friends and it was funny 😜

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My day

on Sunday  at 7 o clock I n the morning I went football match but happily   we won 2 1 but when I got home I  had a showerand I did a bit of home work when  I was gowing home we got some fish stellar Dave Jimmy minuon

Brendon joke

knok nok how’s ther boo boo who’s dint mean to scare you

Dear diary

l got a new tablet for Christmas,toys,Lego and a pencil case.

Birthday diary :


Dear diary :

On my birthday day we had a huge party at my house and we had a lot of fun we made cookies, cupcakes , we  a huge birthday cake that had my face and my name on it after my I blew the candles my litle cousin came and  took a bit of the cake with his hands tgst was the funniest birthday ever and I won’t be forgetting thst for a while .

my diarey

dear deary on my birthday i got so many things like a new   TV  new phone

and i even  got a XBOX 1 AND SOME  NEW  GAME  AND A DIRT BIKE


Our Poems

In Magpie class we have been learning poems for our homework task. Have a look at the poems we have learnt.

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My Diary

Dear Diary                                                                                                                 1/1/16

This has been the best birthday ever😋

I got got a loud of Bratz, a sticker book,£10,a pony doll,Aqua beeds and some doh Vinci.

I also got a make our own fashion design,AND A PAIR OF AIR FORCE 1

I had a me to you cake what was scrumptious!

I had the best 10th birthday 

Thank you!

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Crystal’s birthday

Dear diary,                                  24/8/15



Today has been the best day ever I have been playing with my friends for nearly an hour I can’t wait for my NEXT BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!


my diary

dear diary,

It has been the best day ever i got to get a new game on my mums phone and play online with my sister and me and my sister got 5 painting set and A new art box it had pen, culoring pens and pecials, paint, sisors and a pecial. We got flowers for a vase we got paper and tracing paper so I do my art homework really good.

All about my life

When i was 3 years old me and my family went to Birmingham sea . When we got there we went to see  are caravan . The next day we went to the farm and my sister was to afrade to go dawn the slide and when the man was not looking i went down

Should you be cutting down on your screen time?

Should you be cutting down on your screen time? Do you watch too much TV? Is it affecting you or your health? Read the information given to you and write your opinion below.

All about me

hello my name is Ameerah I like to play sport football and lots more.In my free time I like to help my mum with the cooking or the dishes or play with my little brother.I would also like to tidy my bedroom up.My favourite thing to do when I finished my chores is to go shopping in town.Every day after school I go to the mosque  at 5.00 o’clock.I go there for 2 and a half hours we learn about the q’uran  the whole book of it.I am a Muslim so I have to pray 5 times a dday.Also in mosque I learn what to say in my praying.I love playing football every Saturday I Go to football training at tilhearst Panthers .I love my school I go to manor primary school it’s amazing  I like my teachers especially miss James and Mrs hodgeson.At home I speak my language that’s called Urdu.Sometimes I speak English .Thank you for reading my diary hope you enjoyed it and goodbye.


Why did did the boy bring a ladder to school? Because he went to high schoo


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Devon’s joke

knock  knock

who’s there?


Boo who?

don’t cry its only a joke

A day in the life of Devon

this is a day in the life of me  in the morning I will brush my teeth and go to school.After school I will go home and walk my dog with my brother. When I finish walking my dog I will go back home and read a book until diner is ready.After I finish eating I will go to bed until the next morning.

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My life

My big brother is having a baby if it comes a week early I will be very lucky because it will be on my birthday.My football has been cancelled this weekend so I was a bit disappointed  but then cheered up when my little nephew stayed for the night but I couldn’t get no sleep

a diary entry by chloe

on the 23 of january my aunty came to my house and i went to tylers rest for dinner and after that i went to aldi’s and bouht lots of food.

A joke

Why did the mechanic go to sleep under a car

Because he wanted to wake up oily in the morning

A joke

Why did the  mechanic  go to sleep under a car?

Because  he wanted to wake up oily in the morning.

A diary entry by chloe

On  the 23of January my aunty came to my house  and I went to Tylers rest  for dinner and got a massive ice cream and then we went  to Aldi’s  and got  food and then I went home  and I went to bed.

crystals joke

why did Elsas ballon fly away?

becaise she let it go,let it go!

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Crystals joke

why did Elsas ballon fly away ?

because she let it go,let it go 😜

I WANT TO GO AGAIN ….!!!! By Lewis

Yesterday was the best day because I went to an indoor go -karting track, I went with my mum , my uncle Shane and his girlfriend Carly.I had to get dressed into some cool racing overalls and a helmet, then sit and listen to the man talking about how to drive the go-kart, and about the different signs;

  • Red = stop
  • Amber = go slow
  • Green (my favourite) = floor it / go as fast as you dare.

When I first got on the track I wasnt really scared until I went down the big slope, but after I did it once I wasnt scared and went really fast.  When we came off for a 15 minute break, a man who I was racing against, said to my mum “he is very good, and fearless”, I think thats a good thing, haha.

I went even faster on my second go but my uncle over took me, but I will beat him next time.

I want to go again … I cant wait to go again !!!!!

Lewis’s Joke’s

Miss Hodgson: I told you to stand at the end of the line?

Lewis : I tried, but there was already someone there!


Miss Hodgson : Lewis, why are you doing your maths sum on the floor?

Lewis: You told me to do it without using tables!

when I was 3 years old me and my family went on holiday to beand when we arrived we went to check in then we went to our caravan .on the next day we went to a farm then we went Image from http://www.polishpedia.c/christmas-nails.jpg. a train we saw all around the farm and saw animal .we went into the farm 



Crystal ‘s jokes



Who’s there?




Cash who


Thanks,but I would rather stick with peanuts

Jacobs joke!!

Pupil : you missed school yesterday didn’t you?

Teacher : not very much!!

My life by Jacob

At only 5 years  old I started school. My life is a brilliant life. I get to go on fantastic holidays and school trips. I have my brother and sister in my life too. I have my mum and dad in my life aswell. We get to do lots of fun things like using our merlin passes on days out. It’s great fun. We also enjoy the park with our friends and family. My main hobbies are football and lego creations and construction. We enjoy going out for dinner as a family and I like to help around the house I’m good at doing little jobs for my mum!!


Knock  knock who’s there boo boo who  boo it’s only me   By Torah

My life

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                                19/01/2016

Today I went to school. First we done reading with Mrs Hodgson then we went straight to literacy and we done our 3rd paragraph of  FArTHER.

Then we had break time

and I played with Crystal M and Crystal W. Also Miss James

as well as Shanika and Tipyan.

Then we done Maths. In Maths we done column method.

Then we done R.E

After that we had assembly.

I went to homework club then home.

What I got for Christmas

I got a phone , a tablet ,a electric scooter and I got lots of cloths and sweets and chocolate  and I got 105 pound      And I went to Scotland . And I had a lovely Christmas .

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Should England have its own National Anthem?

1280px-Flag_of_England_svg Lyrics

The National Anthem for England is ‘God save the Queen’. However, there are many people that think this needs to change. What do you think?

What I got for christmas

I got a football, the new diary of the wimpy kid book, some clothes, a remote control helicopter, a toy gun, a remote control Mersaides and I got a jenga tower.

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Weekly Debate- Who are your heroes of 2015?


Who are your heroes of 2015 and why?

It may be a celebrity or someone you know or could even be someone in your family.

Think about what makes them a hero and leave your comment below.


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Did you know anything about the Christmas story…

On Monday 14th of December, we were learning about the Christmas story I am about to tell you what were learned about .

First of all , the Angel Gabriel comes to Mary and says to her that she is just about to have her baby Jesus so she was aware of what was going to happen to her…

so when joeseph came back from work Mary (his wife) told him that she was going to have baby Jesus and that the had to be prepared for her baby .


So the traveled on a donkey Juruslem. But something strange had happened they had went to every (in) in the whole place of Bethlehem finally there was Only one person

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what we learnt about the Christmas story

In the Christmas story the first thing that happens was an angle Gabriel came down from above and told Mary that she was going to have a baby then after she said,”don’t worry my dear his name is going to be Jesus he is going to be a very important baby”she said politely.

The next thing what happened Mary told her husband Joseph that they were having a baby called Jesus and he was going to a very important baby .

So they travelled on a donkey from Jerusalem all the way to

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How to communicate geographically

How is a wave formed

Most waves are caused by the wind pushing and pulling

the surface of the sea.

The wind creates friction with the water,causing a wave.


In  ict i have  been lering how to do a dance  onqthe appe called scrach



Your Computing pictures

Over the next week, you need to:

  1. Create a new post
  2. Use the new [Add Media] button then [Media Library] to add the photo of your program
  3. Add tags for “Computing” and your name (so if your name was Derek your tags would be Computing, Derek)
  4. Publish your post

Now comes the important bit!

  1. Find someone else’s post
  2. Leave them a 1-2-3 comment (Something good, something to improve, a question)



Guess what we did at are first school trip , well it was so much fun I wont be able to tell you all the things but I  will tell you my very favourite things  that we did .First we went to the downstairs area and my teacher said that we could explore half of the downstairs area and then do the other half. There was a spinning wheel and what you had to do was you had to just literally get on and it would be moving so so fast so fast that I nearly fell off me an my friends were laughing so much through out the whole day. We did lots of other things that  were really fun but I am going to skip right forwards to my luxurious and favourite part of the whole museum .That was when we went to the planetarium to watch a movie and it was the biggest sight ever and then everyone got given big 3D glasses and there was big sights of the solar system and then we learned more facts about all the dwarf planets and all the normal planets . Anyway it was the best school trip in the universe and i would like to thank all the staff for making it happen!!!!!!!!!!!

On the week and I rode my bike to my friends house and no the way I tryd to do a wheely  than I was to scared so I holdid the braks  and than I fall of my bike and it rille hartid.


Diwali is the festival of light celebrated by Hindus on the 11th of November 2015. They light oil lamps because it the festivle of light and they make Rangoli pattern on the front door step to welcome everyone into their home and they give presents and get present from there family. They also open all their doors and windows to hope Lackshami the goodness of good luck will come in and give them wealth.


On Wednesday it was a special day for Hindus because it was Diwali, the festival of light. In our school we made Diwali oil lamps. It was  fun we had to decorate them using gold pens silver pens and glitter glue. Then we had to go to assembly with our lamps and it was lots of fun.

The 2 minutes silence

At school today my class and I had 2 minutes silence to remember the people who risk their lives for us during the war .

Should killer whale shows be banned?

What do you think? Should all killer whale shows be banned? Why?

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image image image image

Magpie class are loving the Scratch dance programming they are doing. Watch this space for our creations…

Algorithm Dance Videos

Can you program Scratch to copy these dance routines?