What we have been doing class?

In class this week we have been doing music and we had to play the music it was too loud half of the class got it but some find it a bit hard to play still we had a lot of fun.

Birthday diary :


Dear diary :

On my birthday day we had a huge party at my house and we had a lot of fun we made cookies, cupcakes , we  a huge birthday cake that had my face and my name on it after my I blew the candles my litle cousin came and  took a bit of the cake with his hands tgst was the funniest birthday ever and I won’t be forgetting thst for a while .

The story of Rose.

In the silver forest a mystery house in the middle of nowhere there was a woman who lived there. One day she had a new born girl. She called her Rose. She lived with her mom until she was four years old. One day her mother went to get some food and left Rose alone in the house but her mother didn’t come back. So Rose went for a walk in the forest. When she came back she was tired and went to sleep and she  forgot to shut the door behind her . In the forest there was an evil lady called Miss Obeller. She came across the house and saw that the door was open. She went inside and woke up Rose. Miss Obeller faked being her mom and took her home with  her. Of course she didn’t realise that she wasn’t her real mother  because she didn’t she didn’t see her for two years .