My trip …

Today me and crystal williams wanted to try out for the football  Team every one could do it . So  I kicked the ball and we was playing very well but suddenly I kicked the ball and this boy kicked my left foot  by axidant and I felt like I could not move it  I hert so bad my friend crystal took me of the pitch my other friend was having a conversation and did not no I was hert because I don’t show emotion but I got very sad and saw me so they ran to miss  and she cald the office lady .After that they took me to the office and I went to the hospital . We waited for the Ners and I had pain killers I went in a will Cher and I had a exrey it was not broke just baddley het

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All about my life

When i was 3 years old me and my family went to Birmingham sea . When we got there we went to see  are caravan . The next day we went to the farm and my sister was to afrade to go dawn the slide and when the man was not looking i went down

when I was 3 years old me and my family went on holiday to beand when we arrived we went to check in then we went to our caravan .on the next day we went to a farm then we went Image from http://www.polishpedia.c/christmas-nails.jpg. a train we saw all around the farm and saw animal .we went into the farm 



Story opening

In a far away land called Scotland lived a young lady called Amy. Amy was an ordinary child except here parents died when she was two. She went to an orphanage and she was fostered when she was 5 years of age by two loving parents called Ben and Katie. Ben worked  as a scientist and Katie worked as a manager in a salon. They lived in a small cottage but they were always thankful for everything they had. Amy was scared of an enormous bear who lived in a cave next door.