Gangsta granny review

Gangsta Granny is about a boy called Ben who doesn’t like his granny because she is so boring.All she does is eat cabbage cook cabbage or sat down knitting . But one day he finds out she’s a jewel thief.

My joke

Why did the chicken  cross 2 road?

Because he was a double crosser.


A boy called Ben who has a granny that he

Is going to stay with.

But he thinks she is not cool because 

Her television doesn’t work.

Also because  she has a hairy chin, 

My life

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                                19/01/2016

Today I went to school. First we done reading with Mrs Hodgson then we went straight to literacy and we done our 3rd paragraph of  FArTHER.

Then we had break time

and I played with Crystal M and Crystal W. Also Miss James

as well as Shanika and Tipyan.

Then we done Maths. In Maths we done column method.

Then we done R.E

After that we had assembly.

I went to homework club then home.

How to communicate geographically

How is a wave formed

Most waves are caused by the wind pushing and pulling

the surface of the sea.

The wind creates friction with the water,causing a wave.

The amazing story in the Scottish highlands

Far far away in the Scottish Highlands in a gigantic castle as big as a giant lived a kind and loving girl called Charlotte. She loved her people in her village. She loved saving people, and she also loved her archery. Nearby in a dark dark cave lived a bear and his children his name was Grizzly. Grizzly loved to eat people who had sweet blood. Grizzly’s wife died 2 years ago so Grizzly had to look after his 3 children and keep them away from  the humans so they didn’t get killed. In the Scottish Highlands you can smell the sweetly scented flowers and waterfalls as fresh as the Amazon. Silvery,sparkly shining water and spring water as cold as an iceberg. The castle was a huge crown on top of the mountain.


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Earth and space

In science 

We have been learning about earth and space

I have some questions

What was the first planet to be made?

How big is the moon?

Does it turn light in space?

How many astronauts have been to space?

How does the sun not burn any planets?

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