Goosebumps the headless ghost

Goosebumps scared me about the headless ghost because my first part I got scared  which is we’re the sea captain was a ghost and kep on saying anabelle and the bit were the sea captain opened his mouth to Andrew and then said you can’t leave and then took his head of and hid it.

Skype in magpie class by Michael and Hanadi

We have really enjoyed learning about mystery Skype in class and we really learned about where other people live  and we have a lots of information

When I get bored

when I get bored I will go on my 3Dsxl or I will do drawing like my teddies or Mario and cartoons and I will watch TV with my family.

Jo’s story opinion

Jo was born on December the 21st near Christmas. He lived in a massive castle in the Scottish Highlands. Jo carries a bow and arrow with him wherever he goes. He has blue eyes like the ocean and hair as black as night. Jo is thin and lanky and wears long shoes. He lives in the castle with his mum, dad and brother. His room is lit with candles for him to pray. on the other side of the mountain lived a bear with sharp claws like diamonds. His eyes are black and cannot be seen. His fur is brown and fluffy. He lives in the woods.

Space and Earth

There are 2 suns and another one which is called the gas giant and there are lots of hidden planets around the world and stars are bigger then you imagine. Also people think that the brightest star is when someone dies on that day but I believe that because when I am at home I think it beacause my dad told me and I believed him then I realised more and more facts about space because I watch space stuff.

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