AliandDevon’s play equipment list

We have lots of new playground equipment like new mini footballs,tennis rackets,skipping ropes ,ball cones,pattern ribbons,frisbee ‘s, and  Lott  more.


Devon’s joke

knock  knock

who’s there?


Boo who?

don’t cry its only a joke

A day in the life of Devon

this is a day in the life of me  in the morning I will brush my teeth and go to school.After school I will go home and walk my dog with my brother. When I finish walking my dog I will go back home and read a book until diner is ready.After I finish eating I will go to bed until the next morning.

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Brendon and the master bear

There was once a boy. But not just any boy. He was a brave boy and his name was Brendon. But did he know when he grew up he would face  the most evil bear? No.

The bear was the master bear and was the most powerful bear that lived. Brendon was born in the Scottish highlands and lived in a castle while the master bear lived in a soggy cave that had water falling from the ceiling . But Brendon didn’t know what challenge he would face when he got older.